It is a balanced yet challenging Physical Education program in which activities are based on the nature, needs, capacities and interests of students. The emphases in the teaching and learning of Physical literacy varies across different educational levels. This is to ensure developmental appropriateness and to achieve progression and coherence across the educational levels.

The Physical literacy and sports program for Schools is empowered through our inter-national alliance that brings with itself quality delivery & years of experience. It not only provides an opportunity for handful of sports enthusiasts at school to upskill but also ensures other majority of students are motivated to engage in structured & effective Physical Activity.

The key components of the program are :


  • Training
  • Curriculum
  • Assessments
  • Workshops
  • Equipment
  • Delivery Support

The comprehensive and continuous nature of the programs make them comply with CBSE PEC Cards, NCERT guidelines and other National Education Boards. The program has been customized according to Indian needs to be delivered effectively and efficiently.


 To make children “Physically Literate, Active  & Engaged for Life” in India, revENGAGE program.

    • Is based on the vision that the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired should benefit students throughout their lives.
    • Brings a shifts from a content-focused approach to a more skill-based approach.
    • The teaching style for PE in schools changes to more structured & holistic approach and involves 3Ms – motivation, mentorship & method.
    • All children are able to take part in physical activity & sustain that for life.
    • Program that foster fun and enjoyment, without promoting embarrassment, eroding confidence and self-esteem.
    • Develop & Enhance athletic skills for successful sports performance through school sports sessions.

By Professor Ken Hardman
B.A., M.Ed., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Offerings through revENGAGE program :
  • PLAY FIT (K-2) : is the program component based on structured curriculum designed for Kindergarten through Second grade children. PLAY FIT aims to give the young guns an active start towards physical activity and helps to develop their interest for lifetime activity engagement. Being an age appropriate & inclusive program it is focused on making them Experience & Explore skills with development of fundamental movement, gross motor skills and locomotive skills through fun based activities. The program is delivered by children activity experts who takes an holistic approach for skills development and also work towards with instilling healthy lifestyle habits.
  • P.A.S.S (Physical Activity & Specialized Skills) (3-5) is a skills development program which bringstogether international best practices & Indian needs of sports basedcurriculum. Designed for Third through Fifth grade children,it marks the growing phase of a child, thus focuses on developing and fine tuning the fundamental& basic skills of all key selected games at School.
  • S.T.R.I.KE (7-12) ( Stimulate, Train, Review, Innovate, Keep-up, Evaluate) : is a sport specific program component of revENGAGE which is focused on enhanced development of skills for specific games and sports for children from Sixth through Twelfth grade. It provides a platform to children to be able to identify their inclination and potential towards a particular sport (as selected by the School). Sports offered to schools – Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Football and cricket.
  • FAST (Fitness Assessment & Skill Test) Evaluation : an evaluation service encompassing fitness component & sports skills assessment and offered either standalone or delivered bundled with PLAYFIT, PASS, STRIKE program. Each student is evaluated based on the global best practices and on benchmarks defined by indian sports authorities. This enables schools, children and parents to closely monitor the progression health, fitness and sports.
The Delivery Model :

Facilitated through GAP Analysis & taking into consideration varied needs of School three delivery models

Achieved Program Outcome :
  • Effective use of PE/Games periods, creating PHYSICALLY LITERATE & ACTIVE SCHOOLS.
  • Age appropriately developed PARTICIPATIVE, ACTIVE & ATHLETIC body.
  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits and learning through activities & assessments.
  • Skill Developments to help moving efficiently and effectively in a given space, time, effort and ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT to play variety of sports.
  • Sustained interest in physical activity through Fun & interactive activity.

Quality Promise

  • Best in class program
  • Certified & background Verified coaches
  • Periodic Quality Assurance checks
  • Safeguarding practices during implementation
  • Standardized Delivery system