What are your memories of playing as a child?

Some of us will remember playing hide and seek, gallery, dog in the bone and red letter box. While some may recall playing & arguing about self-made rules in Gully cricket, Kho-Kho or Badminton without Net. These were some form of activity parents of today engaged in when they were kids.

But what about today’s children?

Are they also spending enough and effective time post school or during their summer/winter breaks. Are they also being exposed to similar opportunities for play the same as they were of parents of today? Are they meeting a criteria of minimum 60 min of Physical activity per day for an Active Living? Most likely not!

revACTIVE program is our Multi-Sports Program offered to the Residential Communities catering children in the age range of 4 – 16 Years. The curriculum designed by Child Coaching Experts for the program is : age progressive, inclusive and structured for child to ensure age appropriate skill and athletic development. The curriculum is customized for the community taking into consideration the infrastructure and resources available within the community centers. The activities are conducted by highly qualified and trained Coaches who are specialized & carry expertise in engaging and delivering lessons to children in an interactive and fun way.

Program Approach

The key focus of the curriculum shall be to engage every child in physical activity promoting sound holistic development and reducing sedentary lifestyle in the foundation years and progress toward athleticism and activeness.



  • High B.M.I ( Body Mass Index ) & Body fat
  • Lack of skills acquired as per the age group
  • Higher Time spent in theoretical (less active, not practical learning) segment of classes
  • Higher Minutes standing, sitting, and lying during classes
  • Higher Sedentary behaviour



  • Engagement of every child in Moderate to Vigorous level of physical activity
  • Multi-Sports skill development
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Knowledge
  • Increased time spent in Game play
  • Hone potential sports talent


Achieved Program Outcome :

  • Developing fitter generation of children by engaging them to play – getting over the sedentary lifestyle by Engaging each child to play
  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits and learning through activities & assessments.
  • The games & activities delivered through the program promote the development of a participative and active body;
  • Children learn to use the body in moving efficiently and effectively in a given space, time, effort and develop a fitter body with athletic capability to play variety of sports
  • Sustained interest in play through Fun & interactive activities
  • Enhancing creativity through movement


Delivery Approach

The programme is delivered through a module-based approach having the following features:

  • Planned to meet the minimum physical activity needs of every child in a week
  • Delivered post school hours during late afternoon/evening session within the communities offering structured & effective playtime
  • Keep the fun element high to sustain motivation of the children.
  • Inclusion of parents at regular intervals in the delivery plan to keep them involved with their child

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Quality Promise

  • Best in class program
  • Certified & background Verified coaches
  • Periodic Quality Assurance checks
  • Safeguarding practices during implementation
  • Standardized Delivery system