PASS (3-5)


Based on the revENGAGE program is administered through the PLAY FIT the internationally accepted guidelines for physical education curriculum for Third through Fifth grade children. The progressive and age appropriate P.A.S.S programme takes into consideration the growing phase of a child and inculcate activities which are focussed on enhancing and fine tuning the fundamental skills.

The P.A.S.S. program is designed tointegrate with existing school curriculum with least interference to existing sports delivery model. Experienced & Internationally certified coaches make the process of learning more challenging and fun through innovative game formats and multi skill activities. The Periodic evaluation through Assessment is a critical part of the programme to track and analyse the growth of the child.


PASS Program contributes to the development of fitness, health and athletic/sports capabilities among school-age students. It promotes the development of a participative and active body; train to use the body in moving efficiently and effectively in a given space, time, effort and assurance of quality movement and hence develop athletic/sports capability.


The program at this level focuses on further development and refinement of fundamental movements and psychomotor skills through a broad range of physical activities such as educational gymnastics, games, athletics and health and fitness management. In games, students will be introduced to basic games concepts. The primary learning for each child through the Programme is:


  • Sport specific techniques & skills
  • Exploration of full potential and physical strength
  • Competitive based approach
  • Enhancement of Critical skills of Agility, Speed, Coordination, Endurance & Balance.
  • Early Life stage Identification of Talent & Excellence (E.L.I.T.E)

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