At Revolution Sports, we understand the needs of the present physical education and sports system in schools & are committed to provide scientifically designed, effective, well-structured and internationally recognized program. With our international partner, the co-designed program for Indian needs, shall enable schools to offer best in class sports education and ensure increased activity levels.

VALUE WE BRINGto each school
  • ONE STOP SOLUTION for end to end sports & fitness needs
  • Increased PHYSICAL LITERACY levels through structured sports program integrated with academic curriculum
  • SUSTAINED ENGAGEMENT in physical activity and sports helping schools with IMPROVED behavior, INCREASED academic achievement and REDUCED absenteeism among children
  • ADHERING to N.C.E.R.T & C.B.S.E guidelines on Health & Physical Education program

  • PROVEN SOLUTIONS & INDUSTRY EXPERTISE empowered with our International partners
  • HIGH QUALITY service delivery through regular assessment & evaluation

  • CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM by facilitating gap analysis to understand the current needs & meet specific requirements

Need of the HourFOR SCHOOLS

  • Sports Ecosystem to provide equal opportunities to play & perform

  • Effective Programas prescribed by different education Boards

  • Capable Trainers to inspire, engage, train and sustain child’s motivation

  • Requisite Infrastructure Program& training facilities

  • Sporting Cultureto make games more fun & interesting

Characteristicsof Physical Literacy Program

  • Engages & Inspires to sustain child's motivation in physical activities

  • Holistic Approach as prescribed by different education Boards

  • Inclusiveness to provide equal opportunities to play & perform

  • Age Appropriate, Progressiveprogram & training approach

  • Regular Evaluationto monitor progress & fitness needs



is the Sports and P.E program delivered during games period. The program is empowered by our international partner and is designed keeping in view the current guidelines for P.E and sports structure in India. It is developed by industry experts in three key stages (PLAY FIT, P.A.S.S, S.T.R.I.K.E) as per child’s age and skill needs.


is the after school hour sports skill academy which enables a child to acquire advance skills in specific sports. It involves an appropriate mix of training and competition guided towards effective learning. Ensuring training standards with low coach-student and equipment per student ratio, it promotes freedom to express sports skill creativity


are the Age appropriate & Fun filled holiday programs to engage every child in Outdoor Sports & Adventure based activities for holistic development. It focuses on age specific development including skills like problem solving, communication and leadership skills, deriving maximum value from the vacation period.

Value Added Services

include tailor made offerings like Sports Quotient, Individual Development Program (I.D.P), revSCORE, GAP Analysis etc. that reinforce and enhance our programs to enable optimum performance and achieve desired results effectively & efficiently.

Quality Promise

  • Best in class program
  • Certified & background Verified coaches
  • Periodic Quality Assurance checks
  • Safeguarding practices during implementation
  • Standardized Delivery system