Value Added Services


We organize International Sports Tours to provide global platform to participating children where they not only get exposure but also hone their talent by interacting & playing with counterparts through participation in events & tournaments. We can enable 7-15 days International Sports Tour to U.K. for Football or Cricket.

It doesn’t matter the level of sport you have, the coach will adapt all trainings to your level, making you improve at the end of each training session and giving you an other point of view of soccer or cricket training during the Tour. Whether your team is a youth competitive team looking for an elite training program, an amateur team trying to measure your level with other teams or a team looking for competitive tournaments. We will give you the opportunity to live on your own skin the daily feelings of a top pro player.

Our services include Sports activities, deluxe accommodations & event tickets, on-site hospitality, official and customized memorabilia, unique sightseeing along with other basic inclusions.

All tours are professionally escorted by experienced tour personnel, who are on site daily and always available. Tour cost is based on the customized package as per group/school specific requirements.


Indoor & Outdoor Camps to encourage students to think out-of-the-box, empower them with skills like leading and working in a team, instil a healthy spirit of competition, life skills, some cheer and enthusiasm that go a long way in their life. These are customised for activity based or sports based needs.

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Advanced Sports skill academy (Post School Hours) integrated with During School Hours program providing a platform for talented sports persons & enabling ELITE Sports training to them through our International associations for Football and Cricket.

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Sports Workshops

Workshops on Sportsmanship Values, Sports Health & Nutrition, Sports psychology, Self defence for Girls & many more conducted by experts of the Field

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revSCORE – a mechanism to record, monitor the ACTIVITY LEVELS !

is an exclusive assessment based scoring mechanism developed by Revolution Sports with the objective of evaluating a score of overall development of a child. It is developed with the mission of monitored engagement of every child in physical activity & sports. With a vision for holistic development of each child to help develop healthy & fit youth, revSCORE is generated on the basis evaluation parameters covering physical, mental, social & emotional aspects of the child along with performance. The score is calculated periodically to monitor progress and sustain improvements in a child’s overall growth.

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IDP is a unique offering by Revolution Sports where an exclusive Road map is designed for a child’s progress towards advanced sport specialization. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool to assist children in creating a career in sports and personal development. Creating and maintaining your IDP is a critical first step in taking ownership over your sports career.

It starts with assessing fitness parameters, evaluating sports quotient, followed by building a detailed training plan for child & parent to follow on the journey towards high performance sports. Training plans, designed by sport specific experts of international and national repute, provides a structured coaching program which includes diet plans, nutrition program and preparatory plans to prepare a child for progressive development & growth in a particular sport. The sport specialists also acts as a mentor to the child by giving right guidance on the path to be chosen to achieve the ultimate goal. Mentor provides a specific, challenging, and meaningful description of the goals; review available activities that match the goals; align these activities with the developmental needs; set key milestones; and create a timeline for the completion of the developmental goals. This program is completely customized exclusive program to guide a child to sporting success.

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SQ – Sports Quotient !

Sports Quotient in simple terms refers the Sports aptitude that each child possesses. Sports Quotient is a scientific process of analyzing an individual on the basis of his capabilities and determine his calibre to perform in a particular game. It involves some basic internationally recognized tests to determine the overall growth and prepare reports on the basis of their individual results. This provides direction to the parents as well as students to take informed decision about their future.

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GAP ANALYSIS – to know what is needed and how to do that !

GAP ANALYSIS is the comparison of actual implementation and performance of physical education & sports with potential or desired performance. If a school or educational institution does not make the best use of current resources, or forgoes investment in sports infrastructure or technology, it may produce or perform below its potential. Gap analysis identifies gaps between the optimized allocation and integration of the inputs (resources including sports infrastructure, equipment, physical education coach etc), and the current allocation level. This reveals areas running well, missing but must have and the ones that can be improved. Gap analysis involves determining, documenting, and approving the difference between school’s requirements and current capabilities of the school or resources available. It naturally flows from benchmarking and other assessments. Once the general expectation of performance in the schools is understood, it is possible to compare that expectation with the school’s current level of performance. This comparison becomes the Gap Analysis.

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