The level of activity that a child engages in school is not sufficient to meet the desired physical activity levels. Growing sedentary lifestyle with increased use of tablets, smart phones, H.D Tv’s among children further adds to the deficit leading to reduced activity & fitness levels.

At Revolution Sports, we understand the present needs of the community. Through our scientifically designed physical literacy & sports program, our qualified coaches engage every child. The program is structured, inclusive & progressive for holistic development of each child. It is focused on increasing the child’s health & fitness levels along with developing teamwork, imagination, focus, confidence, leadership and a positive attitude.

VALUE WE BRINGto each Community :
  • SUSTAINED ENGAGEMENT in physical activity and sports to transform Sedentary lifestyle into an Active lifestyle among children
  • Increased PHYSICAL LITERACY levels through structured sports program during regular playtime of children
  • IMPROVED behavior, INCREASED academic achievement, IMPROVED HEALTH & NUTRITION levels among children
  • HIGH QUALITY service delivery through regular assessment & evaluation to track and monitor fitness & activity levels
  • VALUE PACKS to create & maintain high fitness levels for toddlers, children, grownups & senior citizens
  • ONE STOP SOLUTION for Resident Welfare Associations (R.W.As)- providing sports training, equipment & infrastructure services ; reducing management burden of sports activities
  • FACILITATE GAP ANALYSIS to understand the requirements & provide customized solution to meet specific needs of the children, grownups, senior citizens


  • Active Lifestyle of children to increase fitness & physical activity levels

  • Structured Playtimefor increased effectiveness of physical activity

  • Monitoring System to regularly track child’s overall fitness & activity levels

  • Qualified & Capable Trainersto inspire, train & sustain Child’s motivation to play

  • Holistic Engagementwith focus on life-skills, leadership, focus, confidence & teamwork

  • Developed Infrastructureto engage in physical activity, sports & recreation

Featuresof Community Program

  • Engages & Inspires every child to come out of home & play

  • Promotes Active Lifestyleby sustained motivation & passion to play

  • Holistic Development Approach with focus on Fitness, Health & Nutrition

  • Organized & Inclusiveto uplift each child’s growth through activity & challenges

  • Regular Assessment & Evaluation to monitor child’s growth & progress

  • Quality Coaching & Delivery through certified coaches & best in class practices



is focused on children of age group 4-15 years. The child coaching experts create a community specific curriculum to ensure every child is engaged to play with sustained interest through fun & exciting activities. The program focuses on “Improving physical development”, “Enhancing creativity through movement”, “Develop coordination” etc.


is our after school hour sports skill academy which enables a child to acquire advance skills in specific sports. It provides each child an appropriate mix of training and competition for effective skill based learning post school. Ensuring training standards with low coach-student and equipment per student ratio, it promotes freedom to express sports skill creativity


are the Age appropriate & Fun filled holiday programs to engage every child in Outdoor Sports & Adventure based activities for holistic development. It focuses on age specific development including skills like problem solving, communication and leadership skills, deriving maximum value from the vacation period.


are an array of services which can be customized according to your Residential community needs to help you create and maintain high fitness levels & a healthy lifestyle. From Sports themed Birthday parties for children, Yoga Club for the Grownups & Walking Club for Senior Citizens, we have a Value Pack for all.

Quality Promise

  • Best in class program
  • Certified & background Verified coaches
  • Periodic Quality Assurance checks
  • Safeguarding practices during implementation
  • Standardized Delivery system