What is “Physical Literacy”?

Physical literacy is a fundamental and valuable human capability that can be described as a disposition acquired by human individuals encompassing the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that establishes purposeful physical pursuits as an integral part of their lifestyle.

Physical literacy is the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to read their environment and make appropriate decisions, allowing them to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations. It is the foundation of long-term participation and performance to the best of one’s ability. Physical Literacy is the cornerstone of both participation and excellence in physical activity and sport

To become physically literate children need to master the 13 fundamental movement skills

  • Loco motor and Body Skills – Walking,Running, Balance, Skating/Skiing, Jumping, Swimming, Cycling, Skipping
  • Sending Skills – Throwing, Kicking, Striking
  • Receiving Skills – Catching, Trapping

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What is Holistic Approach in PE Program?

  • Inclusion of social, mental, physical, cultural, emotionaldevelopment aspects in a Physical Education program is termed as Holistic approach.
  • Social development includes sharing, cooperation, courtesy, participation etc.
  • Physical development includes Fitness, flexibility, stamina, correct posture etc
  • Emotional development includes sportsman spirit, confidence, motivation, emotional strength etc
  • Mental development includes problem solving skills, benefits of healthy diet, imparting knowledge of rules and regulations through games etc

How does Revolution SportsPE programs(revENGAGE&revACTIVE) Inspire children?

Revolution Sports inspires kids through the following:

  • Lessons are well planned and incorporates wide range of activities
  • Lessons are fun filled to induce interest of students.
  • Variety of assessments and evaluations are included for regular monitoring, gauging progress.
  • Age appropriate lessons and equipment hence student doesn’t feel them to be too hard and remains inspired
  • Opportunities to develop Leadership, team building and other inter personal skills.
  • Trainers are trained on techniques to inspire children

How is Revolution SportsPE programs (revENGAGE&revACTIVE) inclusive?

Revolution Sports program is inclusive be it gender or ability level. The lesson plan includes games that can be played by different genders and abilities together. There is a focus on activities, which involve nonphysical skills like problem solving, leadership, flexibility, knowledge etc so each child can participate in them.

What is the meaning of “Structured PE program”?

A Structured PE program includes activities that develop skills of the child required for that age. We further structure our program across the year to develop skills in progression followed by assessments to validate it.

How is Revolution SportsPE program (revENGAGE&revACTIVE) of high quality?

Revolution Sports PE program

  • Follows international best practices along with being in line with NCERT, CBSE guidelines.
  • Is verified by International PE personalities.
  • Includes Assessments encompassing fitness, skills, behavior and conduct

How is Revolution Sports on ground Delivery high quality?

Revolution Sports include the following factors in our delivery approach

  • Standardized delivery. Our delivery is consistent between different clients
  • Periodic QA checks
  • Certified and background verified coaches
  • Extensive training on safeguarding, soft skills, program, delivery approach, child psychologyetc
  • Periodic up gradation training