Company Overview

“Why is a country of more than a Billion unable to succeed in International Sports? Is there a lack of Talent?”

“Why is the obesity levels in Indian children and sedentary lifestyle increasing year on year?”

These are questions that concern us and hence Revolution Sports is here to bring a change at grassroots and create a future “Sports Generation”. Our “Engage to Play” platform is based on the philosophy of making everyone Physically Literate and providing opportunities to promote physical activity & sports. We make that happen through our scientifically designed programs, talent scouting and nurturing at sports skill academies. Following a Holistic approach we enable avenues for development of the children be it at Schools or Communities, we inspire them to play, develop athletic skills through sustained engagement and empower them to remain Active for life.

We bring the “Revolution” with support of Schools & Communities, who act as nurturing ground to achieve transformation.

Our Mission:
  • Promote physical literacy and sports
  • Imbibe a culture of sports & physical activity across age groups
  • Provide avenues to identify and develop sports talent through international best practices
Our Way –“Engage to Play”:
  • ‘Engage’ Every Child to ‘Play’ through fun filled physical activity & sports
  • Enable Age Appropriate, internationally recognized & scientifically designed approach
  • Regular Monitoring through sports & health assessments
  • Quality Service delivery through enabling trained professionals & environment
  • Expert Guidance to constantly develop & enhance skills
  • Sports & Fitness emphasis through increased awareness